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Cargo: Aggregates Carrier

Cargo: Barge

Cargo: Barge Carrier

Cargo: Bulk Carrier

Cargo: Bulk Limestone Carrier

Cargo: Bulk Vehicle Carrier

Cargo: Cargo Ship

Cargo: Cement Carrier

Cargo: Cement Storage Barge

Cargo: Coaster

Cargo: Container Ship

Cargo: Deck Cargo Ship

Cargo: Ferry

Cargo: Heavy Lift Semi Submersible Vessel

Cargo: Heavy Lift Ship

Cargo: Inland Cargo Ship

Cargo: Landing Ship

Cargo: Lighter

Cargo: Livestock Carrier

Cargo: Multi-Purpose Vessel

Cargo: Nuclear Fuel Carrier

Cargo: Ore Bulk Oil Carrier (OBO)

Cargo: Ore Carrier

Cargo: Pallet Carrier

Cargo: Reefer

Cargo: Ro-Lo Vessel

Cargo: Ro-Ro Vessel

Cargo: Self-Discharging Bulk Carrier

Cargo: Wood Chip Carrier

Dredgers: Bucket Dredger

Dredgers: Cutter Suction Dredger

Dredgers: Dredger

Dredgers: Grab Dredger

Dredgers: Hopper Dredger

Dredgers: Rock Breaker

Dredgers: Rock Laying Ship

Dredgers: Suction Dredger

Drilling: Drilling Barge

Drilling: Drilling Rig

Drilling: Drillship

Drilling: Self-Elevating Drilling Unit (Jack-up)

Drilling: Semi Submersible Drilling Unit

Fishing: Fish Carrier

Fishing: Fish Factory Ship

Fishing: Fisheries Research

Fishing: Fisheries Training

Fishing: Fishery Patrol Vessel

Fishing: Fishery Support Vessel

Fishing: Fishing Vessel

Fishing: Lobster Ship

Fishing: Trawler

Fishing: Tunny Ship

Fishing: Whaling Vessel

Military: Air Cushion Patrol Vessel

Military: Aircraft Carrier

Military: Auxiliary

Military: Battleship

Military: Combat Vessel

Military: Corvette

Military: Cruiser

Military: Despatch Vessel

Military: Destroyer

Military: Escort Ship

Military: Fast Attack Craft

Military: Frigate

Military: Landing Ship

Military: Law Enforce

Military: Logistics Naval Vessel

Military: Military Vessel

Military: Mine Layer

Military: Minesweeper Ship

Military: Patrol Force

Military: Replenishment Vessel

Military: Service Craft

Military: Submarine

Military: Troopship

Offshore: Accommodation Vessel

Offshore: Anchor Handling Tug (AHT)

Offshore: Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS)

Offshore: Cargo Barge

Offshore: Crew Boat

Offshore: Diving Support Vessel (DSV)

Offshore: Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV)

Offshore: Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)

Offshore: Floating Storage Offtake (FSO)

Offshore: Maintenance Utility Vessel

Offshore: Multi-Purpose Supply Vessel (MPSV)

Offshore: Offshore Construction Vessel (OCV)

Offshore: Offshore Structure

Offshore: Offshore Support Vessel (OSV)

Offshore: Oil Well Production Test Vessel

Offshore: Oil Well Stimulation Vessel

Offshore: Pipe Layer

Offshore: Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)

Offshore: Remotely Operated Vehicles Support (ROV)

Offshore: Supply Vessel

Others: Accommodation Barge

Others: Air Cushion Ship

Others: Berthing Barge

Others: Floating Power Station

Others: Hospital Ship

Others: Hovercraft

Others: Hydrofoil Ship

Others: Inspection Ship

Others: Landing Craft

Others: Mooring Barge

Others: Museum Ship

Others: Radio Ship

Others: Restaurant/Hotel Ship

Others: Special Craft

Others: Training Vessel

Others: Wing in Ground (WIG)

Passenger: Cruise Ship

Passenger: High Speed Vessel

Passenger: Landing Craft

Passenger: Motor Yacht

Passenger: Passenger Cargo Ship

Passenger: Passenger Ship

Passenger: Pleasure Craft

Passenger: River Passenger Ship

Passenger: Sailing Vessel

Passenger: Yacht

Port: Anti-Pollution Vessel

Port: Buoy Tender

Port: Coast Guard

Port: Customs Ship

Port: Fire Fighting Vessel

Port: Icebreaker

Port: Lighthouse Tender

Port: Lightship

Port: Medical Ship

Port: Mooring Vessel

Port: Patrol Vessel

Port: Pilot Vessel

Port: Port Tender

Port: Pusher Tug

Port: Salvage

Port: Search and Rescue Vessel

Port: Tug

Research: Oceanographic Vessel

Research: Research Vessel

Research: Seismic Survey Vessel

Research: Weather Ship

Service: Buoy Lighthouse Maintenance Vessels

Service: Cable Layer

Service: Cable Ship

Service: Crane Barge

Service: Crane Ship

Service: Divers Ship

Service: Floating Dock

Service: Floating Linkspan

Service: Maintenance Utility Vessel

Service: Mining Vessel

Service: Multi Function Service Vessel

Service: Pile Driving Vessel

Service: Platform

Service: Pontoon

Service: Pump Station

Service: Service Vessel

Service: Support Jack-Up

Service: Tank Cleaning Vessel

Service: Waste Disposal Vessel

Service: Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

Service: Windfarm Service Vessel

Service: Workboat

Tankers: Asphalt Tanker

Tankers: Bunker Barge

Tankers: Bunker Tanker

Tankers: Chemical Oil Tanker

Tankers: Crude Oil Tanker

Tankers: Fruit Juice Tanker

Tankers: Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier (LNG)

Tankers: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Carrier (LPG)

Tankers: Oil Barge

Tankers: Oil Products Tanker

Tankers: Parcels Tanker

Tankers: Replenishment Tanker

Tankers: Shuttle Tanker

Tankers: Sludge Carrier

Tankers: Solvent Carrier

Tankers: Storage Tanker

Tankers: Sulphur Tanker

Tankers: Tanker

Tankers: Water Tanker

Tankers: Wine Tanker

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